Introducing the HP ZBook Studio, HP's thinnest and lightest full-performance workstation. Equipped with the powerful server-grade performance of 6th generation Intel® Core™ or Intel® Xeon® processor, the Zbook studio is the world’s first quad core workstation Ultrabook that enables you to truly design at the speed of your thoughts.

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Windows 10 Pro or other operating systems available

Intel® Xeon® or 6th Gen Intel® Core™ processors

Up to 1 TB SSD

15.6" diagonal Full HD display

Up to 32 GB RAM

Up to 4Gb Dedicated Graphics

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With sophisticated, diamond-cut edges and a full-machined aluminium and die-cast magnesium body, the HP ZBook Studio brings a contemporary new dimension to the workstation. At just 18mm thin and 1.99kg light, you can innovate wherever you are and take on challenging tasks with confidence.

Expand your creative horizons by adding dual 4K HP external displays

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